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The Vault Has Opened Again!

The 2023 Case Vault Pattern has been announced! And this year we can welcome back the Small Congress!

These limited time items will feature 4 or 2 blades depending on which you get. The 4 blade will feature a Sheepfoot, Spear, Pen and Coping blades. While the 2 blade will only have a sheepfoot and pen blades.

Closed, each knife will measure just 3 1/8 inches. And each will also have the Case Bomb Shield and nickel silver bolsters.

At least 20 different models are expected to be released in the first half of 2023!

Some of the handle materials already annouced:

  • Navy Blue Bone

  • Amber Bone

  • Patriotic Kirnite®

  • Abalone

  • Rough Black Synthetic

  • Sawcut Caribbean Blue Bone

  • Smooth Chestnut Bone

  • Crandall Jig Cayanne Bone

  • Smooth Antique Bone

  • Brown Maple Burl

  • 6.5 BoneStag®

  • Yellow Synthetic

  • Smooth Purple Curly Maple

  • Black/Green Natural Canvas Micarta®

  • Black Micarta®

  • Dark Red Bone

  • Rogers Corn Cob Jig Antique Bone

  • Pocket Worn® Gray Bone

  • White Synthetic Sparxx™

  • Smooth Orange Synthetic

Keep an eye out for these beautiful, limited items to hit soon! I have a feeling there are gonna go quick!

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