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Know Your Patterns: Elephant Toe

A Case knife with what is probably one of the most interesting names is the Elephant Toe. Some also call it an Elephant's Toenail, while other knife makers often refer to it as the Sunfish or an English Rope Knife.

Case made this knife on pattern #50, and it generally measured 4 3/8 inches long closed (However, there are some 4 inch versions floating around). It features two blades on opposing bolsters; a broad, spear blade as the master and a pen for the second.

Pictured: #57736 Yellow Bone Elephant's Toe

The knife dates back to around the turn of the 20th century, with Case's versions predating 1915. Currently, this knife is not is production at Case and unfortunately, we do not have any here at

While Case has, and still does produce some knives in exotic handles, the name Elephant's Toe DOES NOT mean that the bone used is exclusively elephant.

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