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It Has ARRIVED! The 2022 WV Knife!

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

We are proud to be West Virginia's Only Case Exclusive Master Dealer. As such, we often like to design up our own, exclusive knives.

One knife that has been wildly popular over the last few years is our WV series knives. Each year, we design up a West Virgina themed knife and have a VERY limited run produced, usually only 50 to 100. This knife series pays homage to our wonderful home. A state full of heritage, pride, courage, determination, love, and above all, freedom.

You can only find these knives through and our brick-and-mortar location, General Building Supply, while supplies last.

Our 2020 edition was the "Wild & Wonderful Trapper"

Our 2021 edition was the "Wild & Wonderful Pocket Hunter"

This year we're proud to introduce the next in this line honoring the Mountain State.

The 2022 "Mountaineers Are Always Free" WV Brown Curly Maple Small Swell Center Jack.

Made using this year's Vault pattern, only 100 of these are being produced - Thus making them extremely rare!

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