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eGift Cards Are Here!

You can now purchase Electronic Gift Cards for!

You can purchase an eGift Card for yourself or a friend or loved one!

Once your purchase is made, the eGift Card and Code are sent to the recipient. Using the code provided, the recipient can then make purchases on our site just like any other payment option. Just select the use a gift card option at checkout!


  • What if my order is more than the amount of the eGift Card? - If this occurs, the amount of money on the eGift Card will be deducted from your order total, and you can pay the difference using an alternative method.

  • Do eGift Cards expire? - Yes. You will have 12 months from your purchase date to use the funds before they expire.

  • Do I get a physical gift card? - No. eGift Cards are solely digital. No physical cards will be sent out. Once you purchase the card, an email will be sent to the card recipient with a code. This "code" represents the gift card.

  • Can eGift Cards be exchanged for cash value? -No. eGift Cards can not be exchanged for cash value. They must be used for purchase of items on the website.

  • Are eGift Card refundable? - No. Per our webhosting service, Wix, eGift cards are non refundable.

  • What if I delete the email containing the info for my eGift Card? - In the event of a lost email/eGift Card Code, please contact us and we can resend the the code to the recipient free of charge.

  • What if I accidentally sent an eGift Card to the wrong email address? -Please contact us and we can disable the gift card code.

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